The leaf represents a metaphor of a journey, a transformation. A great metaphor for the life cycle of a child. Like leaves, children are often superficially viewed as the same, although each has his or her own subtle differences. We believe these subtle differences can be enhanced and nurtured. We here at The Brandon Wood Foundation believe that each leaf on the tree is a child, connected to the others by sharing an identical force, the tree or community. We understand the force can be either positive or negative.  Each leaf or child interrelates with the tree or community differently: some drift down quietly, and others fiercely resist the tug of the wind. 

We believe the capability of the leaf or child to withstand the “winds” are cultivated early on.  Our younger generations or seedlings are easily weakened by negative influences, or alternatively nurtured by sunlight and water.  The Brandon Wood Foundation was created to be advocates for children and by bridging the gap between concept and community we hope to be that sunlight and water.  Our mission is the promotion and development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, and social potentials, while providing young people with foundation skills (strong roots) in order to develop into a strong tree (family) leading to stronger forests (community).